Do you list your property on AirBnB,, BookaBach, or HolidayHouses? 

Then you need captivating images that make people want to book your place immediately!  Not just the general approach real estate photography.  You want to make your property stand out.


I specialize in photographing holiday home rentals.  I can help you see your property through the eyes of your guests.

I will provide you with the marketing images you need to increase your “views” & “bookings.”


What type of images do you need?

  • First – You need a cover image that grabs their attention!
    • One that make’s a potential guest to click on your listing.  It’s the first thing they see.
  • Second – Lots more great images! 
    • Images that not only support your description, but peak their interest.
    • Once the potential guest is in your listing, you need compelling images that makes them want to see them all.  Once they do, they will know if your property suits their needs.

I offer a simple way to get those images you need to tell the story of your rental property.  The images can include:

  • All the rooms of your home;
  • Exterior views of your home from the front & the back;
  • Views of the garden;
  • The view from your home when applicable; and
  • An owners portrait to help introduce yourself.

You can find my holiday home/vacation rental photography portfolio here.

Contact me today to schedule a free consultation meeting at your holiday rental property.